Thursday, February 4, 2010

Viral Infection Treatment Over The Counter Treatment For Eye Infection?

Over the counter treatment for eye infection? - viral infection treatment

Okay, so I went to a party last night and my friend had an eye infection ... I woke up this morning and my eyes were swollen closed and that is all ..... red and sticky (in the absence of a better word). I'm pretty sure that it is a viral infection, but still it is Sunday and my optician closed. Help! Any property over the counter treatments are available?


GreenIYD said...

If it is viral, nothing will help, but a viral infection of the eye is rare and occurs in different ways. If it is bacteria, which is much more likely he is against everything that you need a drop of antibiotics, which can give a general practitioner. I see my doctor or a clinic in general practice.

In the meantime, do not use towels on the face while you continue to infect you, that the eye tries to heal, and can affect the other eye. Try not to his face in the pillow to sleep on their backs to sleep, wash your hands often and dry them with papertowels .. or if you are a regular towel, do not use shares with someone else.

stefangi... said...

Do not believe the hype! You have to go to the doctor for something to treat an eye infection. As one interviewee told, if it is viral there is not much you can do, but chances are bacteria and not by the eye treatment is clarified.

In contrast to the above, "said one respondent, you can not get on without a prescription from a doctor or a nurse, etc.

Go to a doctor, not an ophthalmologist. The doctor will do the job.

Michele M said...

They were well on prescription drugs. Just be careful not to the other eye or someone else to pollute. Do not put ointments and drops. Good luck.

Carl R said...

You do not have a prescription to treat an infection. Maybe just something to stop the itch again.

Hovis said...

Sounds like conjunctivitous
Pharmacy will have a few eye drops and the question is, without having to do go to the documentation

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