Friday, February 26, 2010

Leg Tendonitis More Condition_symptoms Is This Tendonitis?? What Else? Please Answer!?

Is this tendonitis?? What else? Please answer!? - leg tendonitis more condition_symptoms

I had a tumor in his leg, which has become increasingly important, since March. I went to the doctor and she thinks that her tendinitis. He had an ultrasound scan which showed nothing and was surprised, because u can see and feel the big bump. Only hurts when I went and ran a few weeks ago, but now 24-7, day and night. its a pain. I took anti-inflammatory drugs for 1 month, an injection of steroids 2 weeks before, that only causes more pain, even without changing the size of the nodes, or pain ... and now in pieces ... and the doctor ... no idea what I can do to make it disappear? As an athlete, only play once a week, Sports and Social ... It is really the mass and the painful area is in the lateral (outside) Located on my leg above the ankle) in the left leg.
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