Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is Rogers Online Protection Better Than Norton Is Rogers|yahoo Online Protection Better Than Other Internet Security + Antivirus? If So Please Name A Few?

Is rogers|yahoo online protection better than other internet security + antivirus? If so please name a few? - is rogers online protection better than norton

Protection Rogers looks good. It uses the Norton Firewall, Norton Anti-virus and anti-spyware Norton.


Sara said...

Find a good anti-virus has always been a problem for me.
Recently I had a great Antivirus 2009 infection. I could use my computer for days. I have tried everything to get rid of him, but no matter what I have only grown stronger. I was so, after he tried for several days to remove spyware without emphasizes success. I gave up and decided to throw in the towel. I called Geek Squad. They came and looked at my computer, but wanted $ 300 to repair. I was really not much, so I said I could not afford to just not correct. The coach needs to disappointment that was seeing. Because he took me aside and told me how to fix it for under $ 60.

He told me to go on

So I checked and found the best AdwareALERT product is also capable of removing Trojans.

AdwareALERT I quickly downloaded and scanned my computer. I deleted the virus, and also some of the spyware infections that do not even know that, they had.

He held my cOMPUTER faster and free of spyware, a few months. I highly recommend it.
I recommend you give it a shot. It worked for me. So I can not really lose.

Georgina M said...

Norton Anti Virus



Norton and AVG can be downloaded free of charge and are equally good.McFee believe that you have to pay.

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