Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shit Tzu Grey Tongue Does A Mini Pincher And **** Tzu Have Compatible Blood When Cross Breeding?

Does a mini pincher and **** tzu have compatible blood when cross breeding? - shit tzu grey tongue

I'm curious, because my aunt had crosses of these dogs and the results well. The boys are very cute. Can I do well or what? Thanks


Julie D. said...

I have some good advice for you .... Tell your aunt that they have a BYB no morals when it comes to what you do. Stray dogs are bred in order to complete your portfolio and fill even more shelters. BTW, dogs are universal donor blood that has nothing to do with the manufacture of sausage.

∞CHAO§∞ Bird Dawgs and Bullies said...

Oh, the pretty, but I bet you are ugly inside. Genetic problems. Test yourself, the health of both parents? Let me guess NO. Both parents are good examples to the big race? Let me guess NO.

And Yahoo Shih Tzu should not be censorship if this name appears on the race.

Well, another group jump from high Mutts breathing problems with tons of personal care. My suggestion is that this woman and the dogs spayed and neutered asked not used as an ATM. The sale of puppies in S / N, and contracts for about 50-100 Euros. Mutts do not do more, if it die, thousands of them in shelters.

Congratulations, you were only 1 dog per household aunt on all fours on the bed of a death sentence. Do you feel not soproud that BYB aunt?

Please do not contribute to this nonsense. There are enough idiots popping and street crappy thoroughbreds.

My prediction is half more than half of the dogs are in a shelter in the corridor of death due to temperament problems, or worse genetic health problems.

akitagrl... said...

This means that they are compatible blood? "I have no idea what to ask ... If the race, and of course, because his aunt was irresponsible to have to do so, the answer is yes. If the race is it? Absolutely not. Bybs only irresponsible and Mutts Breed puppy mills. A responsible breeder will focus on the improvement of a race or two in order not to make money with the cute puppy or merit increase in the road.

PoodlePuff - BYB Eater said...

Although possible, I would not recommend crossing have more health problems than purebred.
For example, Shih Tzu are prone to stains and Min-Pins are prone to knee problems, so that instead of a dog with these problems, the crossing of the two co-stop!

So you should not write, my name is **** Tzu ... does not exist, in the name ... This Shih Tzu and is actually pronounced "Shee - Zoo"

Joanne said...

All puppies are cute, but the question is
1) when they grow up, they are still cute?
2) is healthy? Test was the aunt of the health of the parents?
3) are permanint loving home or end up in shelters or are cute to watch them grow up.

All hybrids, it is more difficult in May to look beautiful or ugly, depending on what you class as cute.
my partner loves me so much love dogs-coated hair shorter.

Dax O said...

Tell your aunt that she be proud that more than 3 / 4 of these dogs, because they can be killed. Why do idiots breed? I do not know, but it must be stopped. Mutts are dogs and the fact is being accepted only 1 of 5 dogs that stay at home forever! Cruel men eager Cross Dogs!

Lorna W said...

TSU is a SHIH! ! !

Cute puppies, perhaps, but puttiing Mutts unwanted on the street. Shame on my aunt!

BYBs are the bane of all existence and legitimate dog breeder ... forever. Tell him that his dog / neutered neutered.

Wolf Femme said...

Not everyone will be deformed and stuff.
* Sarcasm, and the palm face *

Share your aunt, all their dogs changed - and stop the number of dogs at the shelter.
There is nothing cute when they get 5 minutes before they are gassed.

Unstoppable!! ALWAYS! said...

Stray Dog is a dog is stupid bastard!
.... Nothing predictable "is not" spit

My old Aunt Mutt-DO BYB CROOK is .... not proud of yourself?

Julie - Eats trolls on toast! said...

Good for you, but maybe they are called beautiful when they are ill because of genetic defects?

The only dogs that are compatible with any other dogs of the same race. End.

Julie - Eats trolls on toast! said...

Good for you, but maybe they are called beautiful when they are ill because of genetic defects?

The only dogs that are compatible with any other dogs of the same race. End.

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