Sunday, February 21, 2010

Advantages Of Concrete Bath Questions On Housing?

Questions on housing? - advantages of concrete bath

I recently heard about modular homes and want the advantages and disadvantages have to know a.

Tornadoes can withstand?
I kinda thought that tornadoes exist because they are supposed to stand in a position to hurricanes and earthquakes want, but I heard otherwise.

I want a story, 2, 4 to 7 beds and bathroom 3 to 6, with access to a kitchen / dining room, office, bonus room and a garage 3 to 4 cars, and I'm sure they have a choice of 2 floors . because the other day when I saw a TV Hg, were these people had a history 3 14 beds and 4 baths modular home. the only thing I did not say that I know that you have when construction with electricity and plumbing configured so that if you're in, you do not have to worry who want to movet have electricity and water. It can also tap water instead of well water and if the foundation has poured no possibility of a basement or simply get a blank space or a concrete slab.

I live in the countryside, far from civilization. I want to open a ranch where the highest levels. So with that said, how do you think the price for the purchase of a modular home would be measured. Dollar signs please.

I want to know the ups and downs of life in a trailer (single or double) in mud huts, mines monolithic and geodesic domes, straw, clay, clay, loam pockets of land on the site (default), makes any home. I have the ups and downs of individual species and the ones you prefer and advise you. I am researching for a project.


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