Monday, February 15, 2010

Burned At The Stake Fantasy Why Don't Xians Burn Heretics At The Stakes Anymore?

Why don't Xians burn heretics at the stakes anymore? - burned at the stake fantasy

"It is the love that Christians are to men, but the inability of this love that Christians today hold ... we burn."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Prospecting reasons:
1 - The lack of ambition to really follow the Bible
2-of reason and atheism, thus increasing the less justified by Xian-inspired destruction

Since the games and name calling on this site, there is no reason to believe that atheists and freethinkers are more than tolerated by conformist religious hate?

Is there not a Xian-American fantasy destroy all atheists, which he can not bear to hear it?

And is the liberal laws to prevent violence against us to prevent not the intentions of Xian that the physical destructionwe?


Andrew D said...

lol, Christianity is on its deathbed, all kinds of aggression that comes to mind irrational meet strict Christians easily repucussions.

moondogg... said...

Not a big fan of history, is not it?

Let's assume your assumptions are correct. Why did it take "Xtian" begin 1200 years in order to burn heretics, in the first place? Why is it only a small part of the Christian population of more burned as a heretic anyone? Why is it that all the burning of heretics were led by civilian governments?

And yet, assuming that your assumptions are correct, then how do you explain the fact that self-proclaimed atheists have killed more than 300 times more in the name of atheism as Christians, the name of Christianity? Why the French intellectuals will begin during the reign of terror in the name of reason?

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