Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blueprints For Large Swing Set Anybody Know Who Drew Up The First Blueprints For The A Bomb Or Other Significantly Large/strong Bomb?

Anybody know who drew up the first blueprints for the A bomb or other significantly large/strong bomb? - blueprints for large swing set

You mean that you have designed? The physicists of the Manhattan Project, working under J. Robert Oppenheimer during the Second World War.

EDIT - FWIW, Einstein did not come with the concept. He arrived with E = mc ^ 2 and is located in a famous letter to President Roosevelt recommending the development of the pump under pressure from some fellow scientists, who had heard that Germany is determined to develop nuclear weapons. But Einstein did not discover nuclear fission, and does not work on the Manhattan Project. Many other physicists have done.


Anonymous said...

discovered by Albert Einstein, the concept of nuclear weapons, but the design was developed by a group of scientists, while

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