Monday, January 25, 2010

Underwater Single Use Cameras Cant Beat This Camera For Underwater Underwater Disposable Film Cameras?

Underwater disposable film cameras? - underwater single use cameras cant beat this camera for underwater

I'm going to Hawaii and want a disposable underwater camera, but they can find anywhere. I see that Kodak and Fuji make a two, but can not find online or in stores. Suggestions?


cool_bre... said...

Wait until you come to Hawaii to buy them. You can find because they are popular here for obvious reasons. Even if you buy there, you will not mingle with the film through airport security without X-ray machines. Manifest before leaving Hawaii. So, once again, you need to worry not worry about putting undeveloped film about the X-ray machines

thejoker... said...

Walgreens sells cameras under water ... theyre about $ 14.99, but ... We do not sell generic ... Kodak just ... varies depending on the store yet, so do not be surprised if your local Walgreens has ... Have a nice trip!

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