Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ken Onion Knife 2010 Is There An Age Restriction For Buying Knifes In BC?

Is there an Age Restriction for buying knifes in BC? - ken onion knife 2010

He wanted to take to buy a pocket knife when I save the game, such as Canadian Tire, or have sports or other thing, I was asked if there an age restriction.

Moreover, this kind of knife is fine) to hunt, except animals (small and large, and for self defense?

Thought of a lock knife, something like this: ...
it can be opened quickly with one hand, and are very compact and lightweight.


MasterPy... said...

Many stores do not sell to minors, because they demand the end of dealing with angry parents to recover the money from their children. There is no real rule of law, but.

No blade for opening statements of support or other countries. They are legal, but they will be confiscated by customs. Then it is up to you to prove that it is lawful and avoid destruction. If you want you to find sold in Canada.

The problem is assisted in the opening knife, that they are blocking for most of the line. Will be closed liner lock knives by hand, if you press on something, if you try to have an additional locking device. CRKT Knives done much with this feature, including support for the opening.

=) =( =l said...

To empty, you want a small thin sheet that can be controlled and slow, but only for small animals like squirrels and rabbits. When ur deer hunting with a 7-inch silver knife or something. And who wants money Personal Defense knife as well and quickly, if something is in.

Maybe said...

It is banned in British Columbia, weapons, including knives wear any kind.

stormgal... said...

Well, how old are you? That helped a little.

But in Canada, there is no age limit for carrying a knife, but hunting knives and other activities to increase only require a knife. You can not go out in public or in school or public place is prohibited, a knife with a blade length of more than 3 cm long in public, so be careful when you wear it because it can be assumed, a carry a weapon concealed by the police.
and can not bear to buy a knife for protection, strange, but many people have been dominated by defense and ruin the rest of us do not, then, a knife for that reason, or you can miss and Get your parents in a series problems you can count on you in public

Do not buy a piece of shit, a good knife should be a minimum of 80-100 costs and a better way cheaper!

Grohmann is a very good image to sell a company called Sports Shops wholesale cheap and can be bought for a good knife shopsa good price, but most of these knives over 3 inches, so be careful if you do.

and his best with a knife, is not that you can hurt yourself trying to close and open a folder and sometimes closed jam, when no blood on the sheet or in the folding mechanism or let rust, while closed.

oh yeah about the event, which she is legally entitled to sell, it's not true, Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire have sold me things that are in the region, which I bought illegally, believe me, check the first laws before anything that might be illegal.

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