Sunday, January 24, 2010

Green Wedding Invitations Any Decorating Ideas For A Kelly Green Wedding?

Any decorating ideas for a kelly green wedding? - green wedding invitations

The bride chose Kelly green as the color of your wedding. Need some ideas for decorating the blocks table, invitations, favors, etc, please, in view of the marriage will take place in November

Thank you!


MrsMeow said...

if you have a green wedding? Use of recyclable materials, etc.? Is it not, take a look at this link decorate wee some pleasant green surroundings

pastel green
central ideas of a very modern (not so good)
Ideas for ethical values and cultural axis of the crystal green (or perhaps I could even play)
Another cake
Green Camera

And (I'm lol jeweler jewelry so if something just email me personally. I use mainly silver and Swarovski)

Tiffany L said...

Do you have flowers every table? If you can not so clear, lentils, and half fill in a few green stones and water and the glass in a mirror ... in the other half, put the stones and a candle in the center and space like a mirror. You can even tape can the vase Kelly Green color for a little more

kateqd30 said...

Orange and yellow are easy with Kelly Green, I know it sounds weird, but great compliments on the color. And they also fall color.

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