Saturday, January 23, 2010

Current Auto Loan Rates What Is Best Auto Loan Refinancing Rate?

What is best auto loan refinancing rate? - current auto loan rates

My loan is currently 5.5% for 60 months. The remaining term of the loan is 48 months. Can I have a better rate of 5.5, when I look around me? If so, you can a few? I wil give him a chance?



peterthe... said...

You will not find a car loans have better used. The national average 48-month used car loan 7.56% (

Their rate of 5.5% was a new type of car, and probably a discount rate. Used car prices are always higher than the number of new cars, cars and any promotional rates.

dale b said...

Only fools refinance car! Broke fools usually try, but the banks know what is happening and TD in the application at the hearing. Continue to pay its current rating ... in time.

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