Thursday, January 21, 2010

Retirement Land Has Anyone Bought A Large Amount Of Private Land For Animal Conservation/preservation?

Has anyone bought a large amount of private land for animal conservation/preservation? - retirement land

I am interested in buying a large tract of land retirement simply that the issue of agriculture and animal welfare. Has anyone here done? In which state would be better to buy a large amount of land for 5.6 million U.S. dollars, does that mean? Has anyone stopped to create an ideal environment? Are there any scholarships available? Have you purchased / donated to land trusts? Sorry for so many questions, but there is much to ask. Thanks for your answer.


kermmit_... said...

Sorry, I know that bought land, grants and funds, but my father is a plot of land in Canada, where (I am), and their conservation. Logging companies really want the country because of the valuable trees, but refuses to sell. The problem is that the country is either very high or be connected to other forests intact to a kind of corridor for the animals needs. We have many deer, elk, foxes, bears, wolves and many birds. I am also an American who owned 100 acres of land in Australia, only to preserve the Conservation Society, and finally gave up. So what, indeed the people and it works very well if you have enough land. I hope you find everything you need to know and good luck, the world needs more people like you.

dicovi said...

A very good idea for the funding available, can through their local conservation groups'm sure he able to give some advice.

dad said...

Keeps Getting Hotter, you must head to the north much land, and we still have water.

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