Sunday, January 17, 2010

Insurance Customer Satisfaction Ratings Does Anybody Know Of A Website That Shows Rankings/ratings For Auto Insurance Companies? Customer Satisfaction

Does anybody know of a website that shows rankings/ratings for Auto Insurance companies? Customer Satisfaction - insurance customer satisfaction ratings

I currently have the 21 Century, and I am researching how other companies of the 21st Century, raised rates for no reason.
I think that would because they have the best prices. You see good reputation - someone has experience with them? Thanks


Big Wes said...

Check with AM Best and Standard & Poors.

Anonymous said...

Check with the Better Business Bureau!

laurakin... said...

Well, I know I am progressive and they are very good. What Esurance, I have no experience with them. But my opinion is the most progressive.

Apples to Apples said...

I know a place, but I can say that I was with Allstate for 21 years and moved to another state.

The insurance I quote from them was almost twice as high, which is paid in another state. Although prices are higher because of bad drivers in the state where I live, is twice.

I have the highest rate of Geico, so I went through. Geico only $ 70 more than before the payment.

I got married in November and my husband has USAA for my car, which has changed its policy and now I am saving even more.

BayebD said...

Progressive offers different rates for insurance.

rc_dicke... said...

There are those in both the insurance companies and other esunce prices are good, but dosnt cumpar

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