Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brew Belt I Love Jim Morrison......................…

I love jim morrison......................… - brew belt


On 1 electric wildness
Sweet Friday.
The sweat in the air.
The channel beams,
Symbol of power.
Incense prepare dark.
Who can say here

A school bus crashed w / train.
It was a crossroads.
Mercury contamination.
I could not leave my place.
The street was full of
w / Jitterbugs dead.
We are late for class.

The swirl of rumors secret
marched through the yard and
Remember us unknowingly
Mt fever.
A young woman naked on the

The bathroom was fresh
And the silence
w / green salt latrines.
The blankets were needed.

Ropes fluttered.
Smiles flattered
And enthusiastic.

Safe Open priedą
And the secrets discovered.

Ah, sweet music.

Wild sounds in the night
Angel mermaid.
Large dogs barking.
CaRS screaming through the gears
And calls
on the wild road
If the tire Jump & Slide
on dangerous curves.

Favorite places.
Cheerleaders raped in the summer
Hand in Hand
And Bop till Sunday.

The thin, soft, hard times.

Time searched the hallways
for the spirit.
Hands of time on hold.
Climate change
visible from the dance.

Night-time women.
Wonderful sacraments of doubt
Sprang sullen in bursts
Anxiety and guilt
into the mouth of the matrix of holes
The belt of the beast


shevek_v said...

Check out this link:

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1s12r_ ...

If on the site Dailymotion and Jim Morrison kind in the video search will find many things about him and The Doors to. Enjoy!


karenhar said...

Now recall the fact that he was addicted to drugs. If you are not too much, you probably should consult a mental health specialist.

Stephen I said...

Excluding think I .........

Terry has left the building said...

We went to the cemetery Pere Lachaise in Paris to see the sculpture of the Holocaust and the grave of Oscar Wilde. We met with a severe form of Morrison, by dirt. People have been deleted, writing graffiti, fragments of the tomb. They were probably all fans.

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