Saturday, December 12, 2009

White Metal Cores Wheels Whats The Difference Between Yak Wheels Metal Cores And Normal Wheels You Get With The Razor Pro?

Whats the difference between yak wheels metal cores and normal wheels you get with the razor pro? - white metal cores wheels

I wonder what is the difference between a Yak-Rad Standed or red / blue for the bike with a razor pro

I expected a heart, green, pink and white metal in the back and find a yak

They told me that Yak is the second best solution, the iron cores are the best

They told me that the yaks are simply better because it has more features and better quality. and iron nuclei have better equipment and a strong soul, metal support better

I'll buy the metal production and yaks or buy the two core-metal front and back, and my red wheels, with him


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