Sunday, December 13, 2009

2 Days Late And Having Watery Cm Period 5 Days Late. Neg Test 2 Days Ago, When Can I Test. Also Pregnant. Ladies W/ CM Like This?! ?

Period 5 days late. Neg test 2 days ago, when can I test. Also pregnant. ladies w/ CM like this?! ? - 2 days late and having watery cm

HELLO Ladies! This month makes me mad! I have a cycle of 27 days I had my last period was from 10.19 to 11.14 my time my time came, is like clockwork. The trend is, can you really swollen for a week before my time and nothing. We danced Baby 10.24 10.25 10.30 10.31 11.2 11.4 11.5 11.6. I have a pregnancy test was negative 11.17. I'm still not feeling my period or anything. I get little cramps here and there. They come in waves. CM also my water, lotion, etc.. It is "dry" down there at all, but it is "liquid" I read that some pregnant women have a ton of CM. I wonder if this is a good time to try this again, I am experimenting with digital photography light blue. It is also safe to start taking one days, women, either pregnant or TTC?


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