Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pet Medications And Pregnancy I Have Some Questions About Pregnancy.?

I have some questions about pregnancy.? - pet medications and pregnancy

I would like to know if these things u could do during pregnancy ...
1] U Can sausage or cooked sausage to eat, and that Arent?
2] can be fixed or UR and the lock of hair?
3] u can use medication to treat acne?
4] Is it safe to have an orgasm during the first quarter have?
Receive 5], but like u so much weight during pregnancy?
6] Is it safe to have pets?
7] would be bad if u dont want to breastfeed?
8], what's really dangerous during pregnancy?
9] What types of exercises can I not healthy for my baby during pregnancy?
And everything which could be useful to ensure that everything goes well.


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