Thursday, December 17, 2009

Girls Getting Wedgies To The Front Getting Picked On At School In Front Of Crush!?

Getting picked on at school in front of crush!? - girls getting wedgies to the front

Ok, so I'm a user whiti Whitey, and I think that had seen some of the boys when I was in the gym locker room. I left the class and things were fine. Until I are talking, the girl (she was so hot and I) love to year. Then the boys will be fought. pantsed me first and when I saw how my tighty whiti, jumped in the literature to date and drive. Everyone laughed. the girl even laughed and said, 'cute tighty whiti. gave a lurch.

I think he felt bad. cuz I get many wedgie. everything I think, to write cuz im wearin my versions further. the latter, although the boys tried to hang in a closet. She stopped when I told them, and they leave me with a smile. It's embarrassing to your help to have out of the box where my underwear!

would still like me?
Wedgie What should I do?

I tried again with the boxer literally pulled out of me. What can I do?


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